The miserable life of a Wifi PC user

How to make Wifi work on a PC with Win10

Just follow the pictures and the captions.


Click there


Click there


Click there. Yes it’s a Hungarian version of Win10 changed to English with the stupid ass Store language pack and it doesn’t change everything to English. Moving on.


Yep, uncheck that box.


Next go to Start Menu




Click. You can use whichever power mode you like.




Scroll down and look for those two. Set them accordingly.

And hopefully you are done and won’t have to worry about this shit ever again. Also make sure your drivers are up-to-date. Theoretically anything that works with Win7 or Win8 should work with Win10 too.

Also your Wifi adapter should be compatible with your router (i.e. get a new router if it’s so old it could be displayed in a museum).

Mini Jumping “Puzzles” Series

This is a series about mini jumping “puzzles”. Some of them might not be intended by devs, some pretty much look like they are. Not all of them will be “puzzling”. One thing is common though: they don’t give material (well virtual…) rewards, only the satisfaction that you have completed it.

[Guide] HowTo: Do Condition Remover daily solo in ~10 seconds

Skip to 0:14 to see what really happens. Important to get the pet next to you, so the Spring cures conditions on it too. Easiest to achieve this by putting it on Inactive and swapping them.

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