GW2 – Howell, an elementalist of Elonian descent

His story

Albeit being of Elonian Descent, Howell’s family has escaped Elona when Palawa Joko took over reign. They have lost almost everyting so young Howell has grown up on the streets.
His friends were of the poor and some of the commonfolk and they had lots of fun but Howell always wanted to help humanity, first in Kryta then when he had the chance, in Elona.

He wondered every night when he could get proper training, then one day he had a call to join the Seraph. They needed help against the Centaurs. Being a talented man at controlling the elements, he has joined them as an Elementalist.

Since then he traveled Tyria with the Order of Whispers and the Pact. He had great training from Whispers teachers and also met other Elonian descendants. He has grown up to his Heritage.

See the story in pictures here (there are a few pictures before the story-pictures start).


GW2 – Bunch of miscellaneous chat codes

This will be a jumble of various chat codes I have found (placeholders with no name given are not included, not much point of it). Later there might be another post with skill codes.

1 million like promotion: Do you remember that ArenaNet has offered some surprise stuff if their Facebook page reached 1 million likes until the 1st Anniversary (28th August, 2013) end of July? Well this is what we would have gotten.

Friendship Chest [&AgHNrwAA]
* Fireworks [&AgGaqQAA]
* Communal Boost Bonfire [&AgENowAA]
* Coin and Magic Find Booster [&AgHMrwAA]

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