GW2 – Bunch of miscellaneous chat codes

This will be a jumble of various chat codes I have found (placeholders with no name given are not included, not much point of it). Later there might be another post with skill codes.

1 million like promotion: Do you remember that ArenaNet has offered some surprise stuff if their Facebook page reached 1 million likes until the 1st Anniversary (28th August, 2013) end of July? Well this is what we would have gotten.

Friendship Chest [&AgHNrwAA]
* Fireworks [&AgGaqQAA]
* Communal Boost Bonfire [&AgENowAA]
* Coin and Magic Find Booster [&AgHMrwAA]

Some gemstore stuff (some might appear in the future, some are scrapped ideas):

  • Black Lion Introductory Package [&AgFFqAAA]
  • Metabolic Primer [&AgF9pwAA]
  • Unavailable Dance [&AgHcpwAA]
  • Unbreakable Drum [&AgEGqgAA]
  • Enchanted Combat Boost [&AgHhpwAA]
  • Enchanted Focus Boost [&AgHbpwAA]
  • Boost Enchantment Powder [&AgHgpwAA]
  • Random Hair Tonic [&AgG7jQAA]
  • Random Makeover Potion [&AgG6jQAA]
  • Locked Black Lion Chest [&AgH4vwAA]
    Contains: Gift Wrapped Booster [&AgH8vwAA]
  • Special Craft License ?? [&AgHapwAA]


  • Blacksmith’s Outfit [&AgEZTwAA]
  • Scholar’s Outfit [&AgEcTwAA] + boots [&AgEGTwAA]
  • Fuzzy Leopard Hat [&AgFypwAA]
  • Fuzzy Cat Hat [&AgEbUQAA]
  • Fuzzy Hylek Hat [&AgFzpwAA] – unavailable on: Norn male and maybe others
  • Silk Dress Shorts [&AgFxmgAA]
  • Headless Mad King’s Coat [&AgEPjgAA] – Glitching
  • Pirate Captain’s Leggings [&AgECTwAA] – missing from the Pirate Captain’s outfit, as the chest piece covers legs too

Unavailable outfit pieces (usually missing their own models thus using some other model or might be glitching, causing naked characters etc.):

  • Swim Suit [&AgG1pwAA]
  • Swim Suit (Bold) [&AgG2pwAA]
  • Swim Suit (Classic) [&AgG3pwAA]
  • Breeze Top [&AgFumgAA]
  • Half Toga Shirt [&AgFymgAA]
  • Leather Pack Shorts [&AgFvmgAA]
  • Rogue Hoodie [&AgF1mgAA]
  • Rugged Open Vest [&AgF4mgAA]
  • Springtime Open Vest [&AgF5mgAA]

Ascended boxes:

  • Universal Ascended Weapon Chest [&AgE3wAAA]
  • Universal Ascended Armor Chest [&AgE4wAAA]
  • Ascended Jewelry Box [&AgHwwAAA]

Fractal related:

  • Fractal Gear Box [&AgFCwAAA]
  • Fractal Box of Found Artifacts [&AgGClAAA]
  • Fractal Sack of Items [&AgGBlAAA]
  • Mistlocked Salvage Kit [&AgGAlAAA]
  • 20 Slot Fractal Bag [&AgF6lAAA]

Left-out Halloween ToTbags:

  • Jumbo Trick-or-Treat Bag [&AgFVjQAA]
  • Large Trick-or-Treat Bag [&AgFSjQAA]
  • Little Trick-or-Treat Bag [&AgFKjQAA]
  • Medium Trick-or-Treat Bag [&AgFPjQAA]
  • Small Trick-or-Treat Bag [&AgFNjQAA]
  • Standard Trick-or-Treat Bag [&AgFRjQAA]
  • Tiny Trick-or-Treat Bag [&AgFJjQAA]

Odd items (might be historical, or not, no idea!):

  • Blah Blah Blah [&AgHBWQAA]
    * Golden Cowbell [&AgFcWgAA]
    * Copper Cowbell [&AgHfWgAA]
  • Bonus Gift Box [&AgEnUQAA] ??
  • Airship Sickness Treatment [&AgEWIgAA]
  • Loot Trap [&AgGFpQAA]
  • Stealth Trap [&AgGEpQAA]
  • Boon Removal Trap [&AgEBpAAA]
  • Polymorph Trap [&AgEEpAAA]
  • Risen Slaying Booster [&AgHTpwAA]
  • Rune of the Guild [&AgH2SwAA] !!
  • Thing we are not using (DO NOT LOC) [&AgHwvgAA][&AgHxvgAA][&AgHzvgAA][&AgH1vgAA][&AgH2vgAA]
  • New Recipe [&AgEnvwAA]
  • Large mob weapons [&AgEEuwAA] and [&AgEFuwAA]
  • Buff Bundle [&AgFCWQAA]
  • Condition Bundle [&AgFBWQAA]
  • Lute [&AgEpTwAA]
  • no item name [&AgHgrQAA] – YUM!
  • Endless Chugger Tonic [&AgG+mAAA] ??? – Trivia: In Guild Wars 2, Charr tanks are called Chuggers
  • Apparently these are boosters, but have found their names funny: Mistletoe [&AgGalAAA] and Pair of Speedy Socks [&AgGclAAA]

Fun times items:

  • Explorers Challenge Flag [&AgEmUQAA]
  • Folded Treasure Map [&AgEJqgAA]
  • Treasure Map [&AgElUQAA]
  • Skeleton Key [&AgEfUQAA]
  • Fireheart Rise [&AgEDrgAA]
  • Frostgorge Sound [&AgEFrgAA]
  • Iron Marches [&AgEBrgAA]
  • Mount Maelstrom [&AgEErgAA]
  • Sparkfly Fen [&AgEGrgAA]

Left out crafting materials?

  • Engraved Skull [&AgEwXwAA]
  • Skull [&AgEtXwAA]
  • Small Skull [&AgEsXwAA]
  • Broccoli Floret [&AgHSLwAA]
  • Chanterelle Mushroom [&AgGELwAA]
  • Cucumber [&AgHHLwAA]
  • Dreamlace Orchid Tuber [&AgH5TAAA]
  • Goldenrod [&AgH6TAAA]
  • Black Iris Petal [&AgHpTAAA]
  • Blue Iris Petal [&AgHqTAAA]
  • Green Iris Petal [&AgHrTAAA]
  • Orange Iris Petal [&AgHsTAAA]
  • Purple Iris Petal [&AgHtTAAA]
  • Red Iris Petal [&AgHuTAAA]
  • White Iris Petal [&AgHvTAAA]
  • Yellow Iris Petal [&AgHwTAAA]

NPC/story clothing


  • Coat [&AgEVVAAA]
  • Helm [&AgEWVAAA]
  • Gloves [&AgEUVAAA]
  • Leather Leggings [&AgEXVAAA]
  • Boots [&AgETVAAA]
  • Asura Farmer Coat [&AgEkWgAA]
  • Asura Worker Boots [&AgEjWgAA][&AgEhWgAA]
  • Asura Worker Boots (Coat) [&AgEiWgAA]
  • Farmer Gloves [&AgElWgAA]
  • Farmer Legs [&AgEmWgAA]
  • Lower Class Gloves [&AgEnWgAA]
  • Lower Class Helmet [&AgEoWgAA]
  • Lower Class Leggings [&AgEpWgAA]
  • Pirate Boots [&AgEhVAAA]
  • Pirate Coat [&AgEfVAAA]
  • Pirate Leggings [&AgEgVAAA]


  • Charr Beggar Coat [&AgEqWgAA]
  • Charr Beggar Gloves [&AgErWgAA]
  • Charr Beggar Legs [&AgEtWgAA]
  • Charr Rancher Legs [&AgEsWgAA]
  • Pirate Boots [&AgEiVAAA]
  • Pirate Cap (chest) [&AgEkVAAA]
  • Pirate Coat [&AgEjVAAA][&AgEjVAAA]
  • Pirate Leggings [&AgElVAAA]


  • Human Female Pirate Boots [&AgEuWgAA]
  • Human Female Village Coat (Leggings) [&AgExWgAA]
  • Human Female Village Coat [&AgEvWgAA]
  • Human Male Pirate Boots [&AgEyWgAA]
  • Human Male Pirate Coat [&AgEzWgAA]
  • Human Male Pirate Legs [&AgEwWgAA]
  • Pirate Boots [&AgEmVAAA][&AgEpVAAA]
  • Pirate Cap (boots) [&AgEsVAAA]
  • Pirate Cap (chest) [&AgEtVAAA]
  • Pirate Coat [&AgEqVAAA]
  • Pirate Leggings [&AgErVAAA][&AgEoVAAA]


  • Brewer’s Hat (male) [&AgGwUwAA]
  • Brewer’s Coat (male) [&AgGuUwAA]
  • Brewer’s Gloves (male) [&AgGvUwAA]
  • Brewer’s Pants (male) [&AgGxUwAA]
  • Brewer’s Boots (male) [&AgGtUwAA]
  • Brewer’s Hat (female) [&AgG1UwAA]
  • Brewer’s Coat (female) [&AgGzUwAA]
  • Brewer’s Gloves (female) [&AgG0UwAA]
  • Brewer’s Pants (female) [&AgG2UwAA]
  • Brewer’s Boots (female) [&AgGyUwAA]
  • Pirate Boots [&AgEuVAAA][&AgEvVAAA]
  • Pirate Cap (leggings) [&AgE0VAAA][&AgE1VAAA]
  • Pirate Coat [&AgEwVAAA][&AgExVAAA]
  • Pirate Leggings [&AgEzVAAA]


  • Nightmare Boots [&AgECVAAA][&AgEHVAAA]
  • Nightmare Coat [&AgEIVAAA][&AgEDVAAA]
  • Nightmare Gloves [&AgEEVAAA][&AgEJVAAA]
  • Nightmare Helm [&AgEKVAAA][&AgEFVAAA]
  • Nightmare Leggings [&AgEGVAAA][&AgELVAAA]
  • Nightmare Pauldrons [&AgEMVAAA][&AgENVAAA]
  • Pirate Boots [&AgE2VAAA][&AgE6VAAA]
  • Pirate Cap [&AgE4VAAA][&AgE8VAAA]
  • Pirate Coat [&AgE3VAAA]
  • Pirate Garb [&AgE7VAAA]
  • Pirate Leggings (nude) [&AgE5VAAA][&AgE5VAAA]

Old tournament stuff:

Top 100 Qualifying Points Rewards Package [&AgGupgAA]
* Custom Arena Time Token [&AgGbjgAA]
* Challenger of the Arena Title [&AgGypgAA]
Top 50 Qualifying Points Rewards Package [&AgGtpgAA]
* Custom Arena Starter Kit [&AgGajgAA]
* Custom Arena Time Token [&AgGbjgAA]
* Soldier of the Arena Title [&AgGxpgAA]
Top 25 Qualifying Points Rewards Package [&AgGspgAA]
* Custom Arena Starter Kit [&AgGajgAA]
* Custom Arena Time Token [&AgGbjgAA]
* Veteran of the Arena Title [&AgGwpgAA]
Top 10 Qualifying Points Rewards Package [&AgGrpgAA]
* Custom Arena Starter Kit [&AgGajgAA]
* Custom Arena Time Token [&AgGbjgAA]
* Master of the Arena Title [&AgGvpgAA]
Top 5 Qualifying Points Rewards Package [&AgGzpgAA]
* Custom Arena Starter Kit [&AgGajgAA]
* Custom Arena Time Token [&AgGbjgAA]
* Legend of the Arena Title [&AgG0pgAA]

Most likely historical stuff with lots of testing items:

  • Reward Buff Orb [&AgEsUQAA]
    * Karma Booster
    * Experience Booster
  • Test Container [&AgG4WQAA]
  • QA Testing Pill Box [&AgE8WQAA]
    * PvP Pill Case [&AgGpWQAA]
    * XP Pill Box [&AgGtWQAA]
    * QA Testing Pill Box… (simple solution to always have supplies :D)
    * Buff Transformation Pill [&AgFAWQAA]
    * Condition Transform Pill [&AgE/WQAA]
    * Pillow Transform Pill [&AgE+WQAA]
    * Remove Transform Pill [&AgE9WQAA]
  • Aqua Pill [&AgH/WAAA]
  • Blue Pill [&AgHUVwAA]
  • Red Pill [&AgHWVwAA]
  • Forest Green Pill [&AgEAWQAA]
  • Green Pill [&AgHXVwAA]
  • Crippler Pill [&AgFDWQAA]
  • Lunatic Inquisition Pill [&AgE6jgAA]
  • Stat Reset [&AgEOIQAA]
  • Steady Polearm [&AgFoWAAA]
  • Long Arm of the Law [&AgHrVwAA]
  • The Destructificator 9001 [&AgGKWAAA]
  • (unused axe skin) [&AgHDVwAA]
  • Anise’s Coat [&AgECWQAA] – used only by Countess Anise
  • Black Lion Trading Contract [&AgExXwAA] – Yep, back then you needed this to use the BLTC!
  • Peters Test Trophy (trophy) [&AgFQWAAA]
  • Peters Test Trophy (consumable) [&AgFNWAAA]
  • Peters Test Container [&AgHIIgAA]
  • Potion of Invisability [&AgG+IgAA]
  • Mitch’s Uber Cookie [&AgEoWQAA]
  • Delicious Pie? [&AgEuTwAA]
  • Golem Ram? [&AgFZWAAA]
  • Ghastly Tonic [&AgEgUQAA]
  • Item Name? [&AgHGWQAA]
  • Megaphone Broadcast [&AgEpUQAA] – troll weapon… maybe it’s good it wasn’t implemented 😀
  • Butler Golem Starter Kit [&AgHXjQAA]
  • Personal Butler Golem [&AgE1UQAA]
  • Personal Delivery Golem [&AgEoUQAA]
  • Golem Banker [&AgHfpwAA]
  • Golem Power Crystal [&AgEjUQAA]
  • Dislodged Golem Power Crystal [&AgEvUQAA]
  • Asuran Vendor Portal [&AgEeUQAA]
  • Colorful Seed [&AgG2WQAA] – remember these? ugh good that dyes were changed
  • Rainbow Potion [&AgEjIQAA]
  • RC Controller [&AgEVAAAA]
  • Roll Potion [&AgG3WQAA]
  • Super Renter Gizmo 2 [&AgHAWQAA]
  • Test Unlock Bag Slot [&AgFXWAAA]
  • Test Book [&AgHPVwAA]
  • Locked [&AgHnUgAA]
  • Deleted Item [&AgFbWAAA]
  • Guild Unlock [&AgFYWQAA]
  • Tonic of the Asura [&AgEhUQAA]
  • Tonic of the Norn [&AgEiUQAA]
  • Tonic of the Sylvari [&AgEkUQAA]


  • Orb of Experience [&AgEkIQAA]
  • Orb of Regeneration [&AgH0IAAA]
  • Boon of Might (Tier 8) [&AgENIQAA]
  • Boon of Might (Tier 7) [&AgEJIQAA]
  • Boon of Might (Tier 6) [&AgEHIQAA]
  • Boon of Might (Tier 5) [&AgEDIQAA]
  • Boon of Might (Tier 4) [&AgH/IAAA]
  • Boon of Might (Tier 3) [&AgH9IAAA]
  • Boon of Might (Tier 2) [&AgH7IAAA]
  • Boon of Might (Tier 1) [&AgH2IAAA]
  • Boon of Regeneration (Tier 8) [&AgEMIQAA]
  • Boon of Regeneration (Tier 7) [&AgEIIQAA]
  • Boon of Regeneration (Tier 6) [&AgEFIQAA]
  • Boon of Regeneration (Tier 5) [&AgEEIQAA]
  • Boon of Regeneration (Tier 4) [&AgEAIQAA]
  • Boon of Regeneration (Tier 3) [&AgH8IAAA]
  • Boon of Regeneration (Tier 2) [&AgH6IAAA]
  • Boon of Regeneration (Tier 1) [&AgH4IAAA]

Scrapped upgrade items:

  • Crest of the Moon [&AgGOXwAA]
  • Crest of the Sun [&AgGPXwAA]
  • Crest of Life [&AgGLXwAA]
  • Mark of Life [&AgGNXwAA]
  • Crest of the Legion [&AgGIXwAA]
  • Mark of the Legion [&AgGJXwAA]
  • Talisman of the Legion [&AgGKXwAA]
  • Talisman of Life [&AgGMXwAA]

Old transmutation system, ew:

  • Transmutation Stone [&AgEdUQAA]
  • Platinum Transmutation Stone [&AgEVIQAA]
  • Gold Transmutation Stone [&AgEUIQAA]
  • Silver Transmutation Stone [&AgETIQAA]
  • Iron Transmutation Stone [&AgESIQAA]

An alternative way to keep track of achievements?

  • Progress: Keg Brawl Assist [&AgGYWQAA]
  • Progress: Keg Brawl Fumble [&AgGdWQAA]
  • Progress: Keg Brawl Inerecept [&AgGbWQAA]
  • Progress: Keg Brawl Recovery [&AgGaWQAA]
  • Progress: Keg Brawl Score [&AgGcWQAA]
  • Progress: Keg Brawl Steal [&AgGZWQAA]
  • Progress: Keg Brawl Win [&AgGeWQAA]

An older idea for skill pointS, Books of Knowledge:

  • Ice Dragon [&AgF0VwAA]
  • Orrian Undead [&AgGAVwAA]
  • Kodan [&AgFzVwAA]
  • Flame Legion [&AgF8VwAA]
  • Largos [&AgGXVwAA]
  • Trolls [&AgGEVwAA]
  • Grawl [&AgFxVwAA]
  • Hylek [&AgGNVwAA]
  • Shark [&AgGUVwAA]
  • Undead Dragon [&AgGYVwAA]
  • Imps [&AgF6VwAA]
  • Krait [&AgGZVwAA]
  • Branded Creatures [&AgF7VwAA]
  • Drake [&AgGCVwAA]
  • Elementals [&AgGWVwAA]
  • Quaggans [&AgGDVwAA]
  • Shatterer [&AgF+VwAA]
  • Dredge [&AgFqVwAA]
  • Jotun [&AgFwVwAA]
  • Pirates [&AgGBVwAA]
  • Centaurs [&AgGHVwAA]
  • Steam [&AgF2VwAA]
  • Harpies [&AgGLVwAA]
  • Ogres [&AgFoVwAA]
  • Ettins [&AgGKVwAA]
  • Golems [&AgGSVwAA]
  • Skritt [&AgFrVwAA]
  • Greater Fire Elemental [&AgGQVwAA]
  • Greater Plant Wurm [&AgGGVwAA]
  • Jellyfish [&AgGaVwAA]
  • Prototype X Golem [&AgGRVwAA]
  • Sylvari Starter Boss [&AgF/VwAA]
  • Inquest [&AgGTVwAA]
  • Nightmare Court [&AgFuVwAA]
  • Dolyak [&AgGIVwAA]
  • Moa [&AgF4VwAA]
  • Treant [&AgGFVwAA]
  • Scavengers in the Mire: My Time Among the Skale [&AgGbVwAA]
  • Swiftwing’s History [&AgGMVwAA]
  • The Griffon Enthusiast’s Field Guide [&AgFyVwAA]
  • Durmand Priory Elemental Tome: Greater Ice Elementals [&AgGOVwAA]
  • The Journal Of Crazy Ivan [&AgF9VwAA]
  • Tome Of Effigy Enchantments [&AgF3VwAA]
  • After Action Report: Hands of Ulgoth [&AgF5VwAA]
  • Ballad Of Issomir [&AgGJVwAA]
  • Battle Report: Duke Barradin [&AgFvVwAA]
  • Codex Of Svanir [&AgGVVwAA]
  • Legion Tactics Manual: Ascalon Ghosts [&AgFtVwAA]
  • Seraph Scout Manual: Bandits [&AgGPVwAA]
  • Cutting Edge Devourer Research [&AgF1VwAA]
  • Artifact: Eldritch Sextant [&AgG6VwAA]
  • Artifact: Royal Amulet [&AgGnVwAA]
  • Artifact: Orrian Artifact [&AgGwVwAA]

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