Some interesting skill/buff chat codes from the last few updates

24600    [&BxhgAAA=] Wizard Lightning Finisher
24939    [&B2thAAA=] Crystal Backpack (???)
25028    [&B8RhAAA=] Drop Basket (probably used by the NPCs when they drop the Zephyr Crystals for you during story)

25035    [&B8thAAA=] Return To Tonic List
25036    [&B8xhAAA=] Do Nothing Transformation Buff
25037    [&B81hAAA=] Colocal Transformation
25038    [&B85hAAA=] Do Nothing Transformation Buff
25039    [&B89hAAA=] Dust Mite Transformation
25040    [&B9BhAAA=] Arid Devourer Transformation
25041    [&B9FhAAA=] Random Transformation

Jungle Creature slaying potion buffs
25107    [&BxNiAAA=]
25108    [&BxRiAAA=]
25109    [&BxViAAA=]
25110    [&BxZiAAA=]
25111    [&BxdiAAA=]
25112    [&BxhiAAA=]
25113    [&BxliAAA=]
25114    [&BxpiAAA=]

25172    [&B1RiAAA=] Boss Event Scale Buff (??)
25185    [&B2FiAAA=] Commune (one of the new Skill Challenges, but all of them are this long, just funny to know the exact length)
25197    [&B21iAAA=] Scan Aqueous Field (Halloween!?)
25435    [&B1tjAAA=] Guild Claim Finisher
25436    [&B1xjAAA=] Avatar of Death Finisher
25448    [&B2hjAAA=] ((Winter’s Boon)) (WHAT?!)
25449    [&B2ljAAA=] Greater Call of the Mists (PvP buff)
25453    [&B21jAAA=] Call of the Mists (PvP buff)
25457    [&B3FjAAA=] Dolyak’s Blessing
25460    [&B3RjAAA=] Meteor Shower (with knocking down meteors! oldschool!)
25505    [&B6FjAAA=] Convert 1 Condition
25538    [&B8JjAAA=] Volunteer’s Blessing
25542    [&B8ZjAAA=] Improved Condition Duration I
25560    [&B9hjAAA=] Third Place Trophy Finisher
25587    [&B/NjAAA=] ((Place holder buff for ring of warding)) (okay…)

25606    [&BwZkAAA=] Swiftness (buff from [&AgEYBwEAAA==] Foil-Wrapped Candy)
25616    [&BxBkAAA=] ((Overgrowth Bonus Tracker)) (wow finally they might fix the bug!)

Might update if I find more!


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