My recommended ESO addons

These are the ones I’m using as of right now:

  • Assist Rapid Riding (swaps any skillslot you define to Rapid Maneuver or a morph of it when you mount, until you use it, then it switches back. Also has a keybind to swap manually (for onfoot))
  • Awesome Guild Store
  • Azurah (UI reorganising and adding more info to the UI)
  • Clock by Tyx (still using 0.7.3. as it works just as good and I don’t want all kinds of overfancy skins)
  • Destinations (all kinds of pins on the map)
  • Dustman (sorts items to Junk category) careful with this guy, check the settings for all characters as there are a few defaults that I didn’t really like and it’s not accountwide!)
  • MultiCraft (you can set quantity when crafting so you don’t need to spam that R)
  • No, Thank You! (various things you can disable with it, like turning character when opening a menu, text popping up all over the screen, etc)
  • ShissuLUAMemory (if you hate those LUA error messages. check the available commands and increase your LUA memory cache + put those annoying errors to the notifications. Especially useful if you have all these addons or even more.)
  • SimpleHelmetToggle (outdated but still works just fine, has keybind too)
  • SkyShards (obvious)
  • SpentSkillPoints (shows how many skillpoints you have invested in lines)
  • Srendarr (buff UI, I like this better than AUI)
  • TamrielTradeCentre (gets prices from a common database, no need to be in big trading guilds! also you can scan any guild’s trader and contribute to the database)
  • VotansImprovedQuests (sorts quests when viewing the map)
  • VotansKeybinder (accountwide keybindings, life-saver)

All of them can be found on

Also this tool might come handy:



ESO SmarterAutoLoot “update”

There is this older addon:, which is kinda broken (EDIT: it just got updated today 12/25 but since my update perfectly fits for me, I won’t bother trying the new one out). So I checked what’s breaking it (few old itemtypes and the quality slider) which I have kinda fixed, and also reorganized the settings, with a few more options.

Also updated Libaddonmenu, so here’s the whole thing: [click]

So hopefully my final edit here…

I have added even more categories to the options, individual sliders to where it makes sense to me. Removed the harmful destroy option as it’s irreversible plus there was a bug involved opening containers and the autodestroying mode getting stuck until reloading UI, deleting everything you looted.

Here is the full link:
or a short link:

Just in case, I would check back here a few days later if you downloaded my version. I’ll add the last update date at the end of the post, so you know if anything changed since.

And no, I can’t make addons, but I can use my common sense and check existing ones if it’s not like super-complicated and maybe find out what causes an error.


Update: now it won’t loot stolen money if you have Stolen item looting off.

Update: now it REALLY won’t loot stolen money if you have Stolen item looting off.

Last post update: 26/01/2017 21:00 GMT