Some interesting skill/buff chat codes from the last few updates

24600    [&BxhgAAA=] Wizard Lightning Finisher
24939    [&B2thAAA=] Crystal Backpack (???)
25028    [&B8RhAAA=] Drop Basket (probably used by the NPCs when they drop the Zephyr Crystals for you during story)

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Daily stupid question: why does a monster only skill have a description?

Prince’s Grasp, the auto-attack skill of Bloody Prince (from 2013 Halloween) has a description: “Blast a foe with life force, dealing more damage the closer you are to your target.”

Chat code if you want to see it with your own eyes: [&B8lUAAA=]

GW2 – Bunch of miscellaneous chat codes

This will be a jumble of various chat codes I have found (placeholders with no name given are not included, not much point of it). Later there might be another post with skill codes.

1 million like promotion: Do you remember that ArenaNet has offered some surprise stuff if their Facebook page reached 1 million likes until the 1st Anniversary (28th August, 2013) end of July? Well this is what we would have gotten.

Friendship Chest [&AgHNrwAA]
* Fireworks [&AgGaqQAA]
* Communal Boost Bonfire [&AgENowAA]
* Coin and Magic Find Booster [&AgHMrwAA]

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