How to access your ESO+ if you are a Steam player

If you have bought your ESO on Steam (or linked your account to your Steam account), and you have ESO+, you might have noticed the game thinks you don’t have it active.

See here:

Yeah whatever, it’s been way more than 24 hours now and no response.

You can play the game with ESO+ if you launch it from its executive file (and not the launcher), which most likely will be in your “\Steam\steamapps\common\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client” folder. If you don’t know where that is, just search for eso.exe or eso64.exe (depends what type of OS you have, but most likely it’s 64-bit. I’ll let you google how to find out if your OS is 32 or 64 bit tho).

You can also just add the game to Steam if you need the overlay. Go to Library, below the list choose +Add a game, then browse and look for the file mentioned above.
It won’t log in automatically for you (as it skips the Steam link, to avoid the ESO+ mess that is right now), but you will be able to play the game with the overlay. It also won’t display any game related Steam links on the overlay, as it won’t be recognized as ESO.



The miserable life of a Wifi PC user

How to make Wifi work on a PC with Win10

Just follow the pictures and the captions.


Click there


Click there


Click there. Yes it’s a Hungarian version of Win10 changed to English with the stupid ass Store language pack and it doesn’t change everything to English. Moving on.


Yep, uncheck that box.


Next go to Start Menu




Click. You can use whichever power mode you like.




Scroll down and look for those two. Set them accordingly.

And hopefully you are done and won’t have to worry about this shit ever again. Also make sure your drivers are up-to-date. Theoretically anything that works with Win7 or Win8 should work with Win10 too.

Also your Wifi adapter should be compatible with your router (i.e. get a new router if it’s so old it could be displayed in a museum).

Guidebook to the Edge of the Mists

Do you feel lost when entering Edge of the Mists? Looking for routes off the well known paths? Then this guide is for you!

This guide is added to the sub-pages as well so it will be available from the front-page of this blog.

The short link to the sub-page is

There are also videos at the bottom of the page!


The Edge of the Mists (EotM) consists of three areas, each zone houses the starting spot for each side. Edge of the Mists, (just as all the constructs in the Mists) is a set of floating islands, it is also multi-level on quite a large part of the map. Thus pushing or pulling enemies off the edges is a very important part of several fights.

Each zone features a different biome, theme. Every zone has a keep, three special objectives and a tower.
Since this is a WvW map, objectives are defended by Veteran and Champion NPCs (tower and keep — champion, reactors — veteran) which gain the Righteous Indignation buff for 5 minutes when captured. While under this buff, they deal more damage and are invulnerable to everything.

WP_eotm_map_wurm+bridgeSentries are present too, depending on who owns it. Red sentry is an Ogre (and its Devourer pet, which he revives frequently), Blue Sentry is a Kodan Shieldbearer who stuns, removes conditions and blocks attacks (chilling attackers) and Green sentry is a Troll Brute (knocks down, back and regenerates health).
However there are no Dolyaks, who carry supplies — making sentries less important. Edge of the Mists has Reactors, which send supplies depending on the amount of generators built. Every objective that has walls or gates defending it (Keeps and Towers) has a Reactor and it only receives supplies from this Reactor. By default (no generators built) the supply delivery is only on 25%. Building additional generators increases the efficiency by 25% each. At 100% the supply delivered every 3 minutes is 60.
Towers have two gates with the exception of Inferno’s Needle which has two on each side, making a total of four gates (it doesn’t have destructible walls though). Reactors are always towards the middle from the objective they belong to.WP_juncture
The Juncture is the central area, filled with Aetherblade Pirates.

The Badlands RegionWP_badlands

Red portion is called Badlands Region and it’s a wasteland, a cruel desert, inhabited by Ogres (and their Rock Dog and Devourer pets — the former is invulnerable to attacks from its front!). The three special objectives are: the Wurm Tunnel, the Airport and the Workshop.

  • The Wurm Tunnel is guarded by a Giant Sand Wurm which summons Dust Devils (these reflect projectiles and apply 3 stacks of bleeding plus knock back players), spits rocks (which stun players) and devours players when it slams its head into the ground. You might want to avoid this, because there are only two ways to get out of the Wurm: keep kicking and hope you get spit out or die. If your health reaches 0 while in the Wurm, you don’t enter Downed state, you die outright.
    The owner of the Wurm Tunnel can use all four tunnels on the map (requirement is to be out of combat!).
  • The Airport is guarded by the Balloon Pilot who calls down Air-Strike on players (similar to Meteor Shower, deals big damage), can Evade and also uses a variation of Magnet, with this skill he grabs players and after holding them in the air for about one second, pushes them back. Can be mitigated with Stability.
    At the Airport you can buy Airstrike Grenades (consumable, gets destroyed if you drop it instead of using) for 25 Badges of Honor each after delivering 10 Oil Barrels to the Balloon Pilot (which is a separate event and gives reward!).
  • The Workshop is guarded by the Charr Mechanic who throws wrenches (dealing damage and crippling), pulls with Magnet (unblockable, can be mitigated with Stability), summons, heals and buffs Mecha Devourers. These devourers hit fairly hard (especially when they throw sparks and rush towards players) but are very vulnerable. AoEs should kill them fairly easily.
    The Workshop has two functions: the Charr Mechanic can supply players with a Mecha Siege Devourer (transform) which is used to destroy walls and gates of objectives, also bridges (the other two skills stealth the devourer while blinding nearby enemies and teleport to target area also stunning enemies at target location). The other function is auto repair of Turrets. If the owner of the Arid Fortress holds Workshop, turrets in the Badlands Region repair themselves automatically over time.

WP_blThe keep (Arid Fortress) is defended by the Ogre Chief Engineer, who creates fire fields that burn players and places turrets (Net turret, Rocket turret, Vacuum turret and Thumper Turret). The most dangerous is the Vacuum and Thumper turrets due to their control effects, however they are easily mitigated with Stability. The turrets push players back when destroyed. Players tend to die in the fire fields after the boss is dead. They keep damaging afterwards as well, just like the turrets, so watch out. There are three bridges leading to this keep from the outer walls to the inner walls, all which can be destroyed. There are several ways to get there without bridges too, if they are destroyed and short on supplies.

Inferno’s Needle is defended by Ogres and their Rock Dogs. If the attacking group doesn’t own Arid Fortress they might want to watch out for the Turrets if attacking from North. The Ogre Birdmasters repair the gates from the inside if the tower has supplies. The Tower Lord is the Charr Igniter who can pull players, shoots oil puddles which cripple those affected and ignites these which deal damage and cause burning. Also uses a Fire Shield that has to be taken down before being able to hurt it. This boss can decapitate entire groups in a matter of seconds if attacked while under Righteous Indignation. Watch out.
Reactors in the Baldans Region are defended by Ogre Brawlers who can knock back, stun, cripple players. Their autoattack dazes and they use Endure Pain (being immune to direct damage).

The Frostreach RegionWP_frostreach

Blue portion is called Frostreach Region, it’s a snowy area inhabited by Kodans. There are three types of Kodans: Stormcaller, Shieldbearer and Berserker. Stormcallers are mostly found on top of walls, they cast Ice Storms, create a bubble shield which also heals them and use a skill similar to Shatterstone that chill players. Shieldbearers are sentries and also guards of gates, they stun, remove conditions and blocks attacks (also chilling attackers during block time). Berserkers use Richochet (bouncing axes) that bleeds targets, apply Retaliation, and use Whirling Defense which reflects projectiles and deals damage.
The three special objectives are: the Shrine, the Bell Tower and the Forge.

  • The Shrine is guarded by The Voice of Koda, who uses Ice Spike (massive burst damage, has AoE indicator ring), Frozen Ground (chills players), and buffs its allies with Retaliation. There are also two Shieldbearers to his aid. After capturing, players can summon the Claw of Koda (Champion) who then patrols between the outer and inner walls of the keep (it’s also an event with its own reward).
  • The Bell Tower is guarded by the Kodan Bell-Ringer who can summon a Spirit of Koda, its projectiles daze and bleed and its Whirling Defense deals a large amount of damage in melee range while also reflecting projectiles. Reflecting skills are highly advised here. Owners of the Bell Tower can also summon Spirits of Koda at bells scattered in the Frostreach Region. This Spirit can teleport, chill and freeze players (encases inn an Ice Block, can only be escaped with teleportation skills but can be blocked or mitigated with Stability).
  • The Forge is guarded by the Norn Forgesmith who uses his mace to block attacks and at around 50% of his health he Becomes the Bear. In this form he uses his Charge skill repeatedly, knocking back/down players and dealing a great amount of damage. Can be mitigated with Stability. Also his Bear form can be reset with Polymorph Moa. He will transform again anyway. After capture players can acquire Koda’s Armor (a buff), which reduces incoming damage by 10%. Also after capture an Ice Imp will spawn somewhere in the lower areas nearby (either northeast or northwest of the Forge). After killing it and delivering the Ice Orb to the Forgesmith, players have to collect 10 Ice Blocks. When this event is completed, players can purchase a Koda’s Hammer for 25 Badges of Honor, which is a bundle/transform. Ends if player swaps weapons or uses bundles (using blueprints too!). This bundle is very control heavy, the third skill of the autoattack chain launches foes, the fourth skill creates an impassable wall, and the fifth creates a bubble that destroys incoming projectiles and prevents foes passing through. It also deals a nice amount of damage to gates, if about 50 players use this form and they are built for power, they can melee down a gate as fast as 3 rams.

WP_frThe keep (Thunder Hollow) is defended by the Kodan Chieftain. This boss maintains Frost Armor at all times, reducing incoming damage and applying Chilled to attackers. Also uses Ice Spike (AoE indicated), high damaging skill, it’s highly advised to avoid it (can be avoided just by walking out of it!). Knocks down players, cleanses conditions when disabled and regenerates health. After the boss dies, the Ice Spikes will keep falling so watch out, and don’t die so stupidly.

Tytone Perch is defended by Kodans, who repair gates, build burning oils and cannons. Its Tower Lord, the Greater Owl Griffon is not very easy to fight with few people. Creates deadly Ice Storms, and it will start flying frequently which makes it invulnerable while regenerating health. It becomes vulnerable to Stun/Daze while Swooping at players, if it’s disabled at the right moment, it will land and can be damaged again. Also very deadly if it’s buffed with Righteous Indignation. Refrain from going too close to the east gate because this boss can aggro on players outside. If it’s buffed (which you can’t really see through the gates) it will kill everyone nearby in a few hits.
Sometimes (due to a bug) this boss can walk through the east gate and stay outside.
Reactors in the Frostreach Region are defended by Ice Elemental Guardians who chill players, shoot projectiles with high damage, and knock back players if they are in melee range (also applying 5 stacks of Vulnerability).

The Overgrowth Region

WP_overgrowthGreen portion is called Overgrowth Region and its appearance reflects this name. Rich with vegetation, a cross of jungle and rocky mountains. Its inhabitants are Grawls and Trolls. Grawls can be Shamans and Hunters. Shamans immobilize, bleed and summon Swirling Wind Totems that block projectiles (have to be destroyed with melee, AoE or beam attacks). Hunters use Barrage (deals damage and cripples) and summon Healing Ward totems that create a Ring of Warding (unpassable ring, destroy totem or use Stability). Troll Brutes knock down/back and regenerate health. Their healing makes them live up to their race (Troll), since it’s a modified version of Defiant Stance. Both direct damage and conditions are negated and heal the Troll while it’s active and they can use it very frequently, sometimes every 3-4 seconds. Poison reduces the amount of heal. The best is to not to attack them during this time.
The three special objectives are: the Observatory, the Statuary and the Altar.

  • The Observatory is guarded by three Grawl Tricksters. They all use traps (unblockable and cannot see them, so you can’t do much against them), a powered up version of Scorpion Wire (shoots 6-8 wires, each dealing huge damage — reflects, such as Feedback are very powerful here!), a shadowstep skill and rarely they use Fear as well.
    It is the only objective that requires three Champion kills and it has three capture circles too. Capture happens when all three points are captured by the same team. Capture can be halted if another team kills a champion and takes the point before all three are taken by the same team. Righteous Indignation only applies on the three bosses when full capture happens.
  • The Statuary is guarded by the Grawl Stoneworker who uses Swirling Sands (cripples and pulls players towards its middle), Frenzy (attacks faster) and applies Stability. Also repairs the Statue which hosts two Supercannons. These Supercannons are long-range weapons, the three bridges leading to the Statuary are too small for its range. It is capable of shooting things well out of view distance but it’s also pretty hard to aim at something you don’t see. You can destroy one wall with it, or bombard enemies at the bridge-gates of the two side-towers (Stonegaze Spire and Tytone Perch).
  • The Altar is guarded by a Greater Air Elemental which can teleport to players, uses an attack similar to Lighting Strike that hits multiple foes, and shoots Charged Orbs which stun and deal a huge amount of damage (can be reflected for 10-16k damage!).
    About ten seconds after capture small Air Elementals will start appearing. Once killed they drop Charged Essences, with ~10 of these the Altar can be charged (and if it doesn’t bug out) it can be interacted with to take the Spirit of Light transform which grants 50% movement speed buff (applies over 33% hard cap even out of combat!) and immunity to any damage (cannot capture things of course).

WP_ogThe keep (Overgrown Fane) is defended by the Grawl High Shaman, who is protected by two Bound Earth Elementals. First the players have to kill both of these elementals to make the Shaman vulnerable. They have to die approximately at the same time because the Shaman revives them in a few seconds. He also throws a small poison field during the entire fight — even while he is invulnerable — which also turns players into… rabbits. It’s advised to stay out of these because you are quite vulnerable in this form. Player transforms can prevent from getting turned into a bunny. This works with norn racial skills that turn player into beasts of the Wild, guardian elite Tomes, human god avatars, Death Shroud, necromancer elite transforms. When this cloud hits a transformed player, they are forced out of the transformation but don’t become a rabbit.
The owner of Overgrown Fane gains a passive buff in the Overgrowth Region depending on the number of special objects held. If one object is held it cures one condition every 10 seconds, if two are held it additionally provides passive health regeneration, if three are held it additionally creates a Lightning Strike on hit (chance is unknown). However if one of the special objectives change owners (aka are flipped by another team) while players of the owning team are outside of the Overgrowth Region, the buff updates its tier and applies the buff on the whole map (I know, I know outrageously overpowered bug).

Stonegaze Spire is defended by Grawl Shamans and Troll Brutes. Grawls are inside and on the walls, while Trolls are standing guard at the gates. They build the burning oil and repair the gates. Its Tower Lord is a Giant Basilisk which applies Weakness, poisons, charges and knocks back players and also petrifies with a beam attack. From the three Tower Lords it’s the easiest to solo, since it can be kited very well, especially with condition builds. Refrain from going too close to the west gate because this boss can aggro on players outside. If it’s buffed (which you can’t really see through the gates) it will kill everyone nearby in a few hits.
Sometimes (due to a bug) this boss can walk through the west gate and stay outside.
Reactors in the Overgrowth Region are defended by Grawl Bloodletters who apply poison, use various Venoms (which also heal them) and petrify players who attack them while they are blocking (can be avoided by not attacking when they are blocking or mitigated with Stability).

General tips:
  • Towers/keeps have a Guild Officer who gives additional XP and WXP when killed before capturing.
  • To get capture credit players have to:
    • stand in the circle/rectangle when the capture happens, or
    • get kill credit for a player who got capture credit for that objective before your team captured it (I know it’s weird!).
  • If you have to fight other groups and you have a commander, and you are melee, push with the commander, don’t stay in the backline or you will be stomped by the other group. Use your dodges!
  • If your group is smaller than the enemies’ then you might want to refrain from attacking the gates with your skills (i.e. without siege). This is because if there are more than 25 players in combat an orange sword appears on the map, and larger groups tend to visit locations like this for fights. Now if you are less than them, or it’s a guild group, they gon’ stomp you buddy. So don’t give away your location if you want to capture.

These videos show routes, shortcuts. Of course I’m not going to include all my tricks, for the sake of exploration and experimentation 😉
Link to the public playlist of all videos: CLICK