GW2 Character Galleries

They will never be up-to-date though… I always change them. They are ordered here by their birth time: i.e. earliest first. They reached level 80 in a different order. My “main” is still Howell. Also there are some submissions on /r/GuildWarsDyeJob which are not in these albums, you can see all submissions at Link to my GW2Style profile is on the left sidebar, at Links.

Click on one of the banner images to go to the album of that character. Make sure you check the image/album descriptions too, info (and links to other albums of the same character) is there. Videos were added to the bottom, showcasing armors and weapons.

The HowellHowl SteamsoulHowellFourthborn HywelMentor HywelHällvardHowexhollgardThe Magnus DoubleThe Spriggan MatronGhostbuster HowellBonnie the SirenSpriggan MotherThe Evon DoubleHolla MudpawHowell the ReaverdrgrudgeangrybalddudeThe following videos show the looks of the characters:

New armors/changes (video’s name might be the name of new theme instead of character name):

Short link for this page:


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