Dragonmancer Pt. 2!


Mini Jumping “Puzzles” Series

This is a series about mini jumping “puzzles”. Some of them might not be intended by devs, some pretty much look like they are. Not all of them will be “puzzling”. One thing is common though: they don’t give material (well virtual…) rewards, only the satisfaction that you have completed it.

[Guide] HowTo: Do Condition Remover daily solo in ~10 seconds

Skip to 0:14 to see what really happens. Important to get the pet next to you, so the Spring cures conditions on it too. Easiest to achieve this by putting it on Inactive and swapping them.

Music streamed from http://r1dubstep.playtheradio.com/
Track was called: Vexare – Billy And The Whale

Some interesting skill/buff chat codes from the last few updates

24600    [&BxhgAAA=] Wizard Lightning Finisher
24939    [&B2thAAA=] Crystal Backpack (???)
25028    [&B8RhAAA=] Drop Basket (probably used by the NPCs when they drop the Zephyr Crystals for you during story)

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