Festival of the Four Winds in images


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New update on Imgur

Click here for the images. You can see them in their respective albums: PvP Armor, Traveling – Kryta, Traveling – Maguuma, Guild Wars 2 Just Playing, and Back banners!

Also new character albums for Ghostbuster Howell and Bonnie the Siren. You can see all of it @ howellq.imgur.com.

Lion’s Arch Visual Tour

LAVT_headerSo I decided to try and make shots of as many places as possible (even though jumping puzzles will most likely stay intact), before the attack and destruction happens.

My machine is a few years old so it’s not the best, doesn’t even let me set textures to High 😥 which is so annoying since I love taking screenshots. So forgive me for the bad quality of textures on some pictures, was trying to not to emphasise them.

So far the album has 348 images, I might add some more if anything comes to my mind or people tell me about it. All are made with SweetFX but not all of them had the effect layer enabled (my SweetFX settings aren’t really striking anyway, just a bit of contrast increase). There is no real logical order for the images, I just made them as I went. It took more than 6 hours to make them, not to mention selecting them. Didn’t do it in one go, over the course of 4 days.

Thanks to ArenaNet, especially Josh Foreman who built most of this map!

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Link to reddit post: click

The Caledon Mystery

caledonmystery_headerNow I know this isn’t exactly new, in fact it’s quite old (but I felt like making a gallery for it before it gets removed or blocked from the map). However the environment of this place is plants, lava and Asura tech… an odd combination one might note.

What makes me think it could be a mini dungeon (instanced, story like stuff, like in the Tower of Nightmares)? Because of how the poisonous experiment jumping puzzle part works. It only lets you activate upper platforms once, then if you fail, you have to start over to power the upper activation panels from below. But again, if it were meant to be instanced, the panels shouldn’t work, unless they were testing it on the open map (which I kinda doubt but whatever).

The holo-sphere has a panel that has an Interact option but nothing notable happens upon use. Also I should mention the ruined Asura gate at the back.

I have been rambling enough, time for pictures: Enjoy!

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