How pathetic and desperate gamers can be?

So most of the Guild Wars 2 players are familiar with Edge of the Mists. It’s a nice “new” map for WvW, where you can play while you are waiting for your queue pop or just don’t feel like playing the “real” WvW. Also it’s really good for roaming. Well it would be, if karma trains didn’t claim the maps to be for karma training… Whatever, this isn’t why I’m writing this post.

Matchups last for 4 hours in Edge of the Mists. It’s fast paced WvW. Also therefore not really worth defending (except for them lootbags :3). And yet there are some gamers who are desperate enough to cheat (use third party hacks) to “win”. Yeah, it sounds sad right? You know what sounds even sadder? I saw this happen on the Overgrowth side (aka greens) last matchup and the matchup of the week I’m writing this post. Last week they placed Sentry Turrets at Wurm inside the terrain. Yes inside the terrain. Not under it. Screenshots for proof here.

Then today, since we are on the Frostreach side (aka blues) with not enough players, we decided to have some fun while reminding the “greens” that this is still WvW and not karmatraining. We built ACs in towers and took out most of them. So the next time an asura thief from Overgrowth (from a guild with the tag NFR – I have the guild name but won’t publish it) uses a teleport hack to get in our tower and take out the arrowcarts while we are on our way back from our keep where we just wiped them before. And didn’t even care we eye-witnessed it. Well he got reported and killed so whatever but obviously the green zerg shows up in 2 minutes (since he tipped them off that he destroyed the ACs) and we don’t have a chance to rebuild our ACs since the reactor is theirs and they are coming from there.

So my question is, how can be some gamers be so pathetic and desperate to win? That they use cheats even though they have an advantage.